Adventure Songs

Welcome to my First Blog

Everyone loves music. So stating that I love music is kind of vague and hard to define. What I hope to do here is define my love of music. This is why I started my own music blog.

I have been playing music for many years. I play guitar, bass, banjo and a little bit of piano and violin. I have studied theory and music history. I am a musician and for better or worse I have decided to put myself out there. I will do my best to put out blogs posts on what I really care about, but if a little bit of linguistics or history slips out I can’t stop it.

I have written an album’s worth of songs, and I call them songs of adventure because I love a song that tells a story, and I like a story that isn’t boring. My biggest influences have been They Might Be Giants, Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, Ludwig Van Beethoven ( although I am still with out a symphony), Tom Petty, Marty Robbins and Johnny Cash.

Finally, I’m not writing this to try to find the most obscure band. I’m writing this because I’d be doing it anyway even if no one were listening.

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