I have been looking at boutique and handmade guitars for some time now and there are 2 that really catch my eye. Teuffel guitars and Teye guitars. I think Teuffel has amazing and interesting designs for guitars. There is some interesting philosophy there, contour hugging bodies and tone bars. The birdfish model i think is the most radical and if I had to pick one of them it would be this one. It’s like having a lego set as a guitar. You can switch out Tone bars so create different resonances and the boutique pick ups are beautiful. I’m sure they sound amazing and if I had the chance so I would test one out in a heartbeat.

The Tesla model looks like how I really want my Steinberger to feel.  That smooth feel and look, and it probably plays like a dream. To me it looks kind of like a Rickenbacker body but updated for 2000s. I’m not hinting that ricks are UN-stylish but they have a certain 60s feel that is unshakable.

The only thing I have a problem with is that headless neck. so that is why I would probably go for the Niwa. One question I have is whether the pickups on the nista model are encased in wood? because I love that earth feel.

But now I have to get serious. Pirate guitars and Gypsy electric. If I were to buy boutique it would be Teye guitars. They have a charm that is unparalleled. Made in Texas by a Dutchman. If I played with a band, instead of jamming in my apartment with the mic on. I would use one of these for shows. I love that he details the specs for his first guitar on a napkin and them posts the napkin for all to sort of read. I have outfitted my Tele with a new pick guard, but I have to say I was kinda going for these guitars.



2 comments on “T-Guitars

  1. Great stuff and especially informative. Thanks for taking the time to write it and post it!

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