Against the Blue Wall – Taylor DN3e

I love electric guitars, but some times plugging that amp is so time consuming, those heavy patch chords and pedals. It can take minutes to set everything up. Then there is the tuning.

So with my acoustic guitars I just have to open up that case and then I can start tuning right away. It took me a long time to find this guitar. Four months of travelling up to Wheaton, MD and the longest escalator in the world. I played Martins, Guilds and Eastmans. I played some Gibsons and if they weren’t out of my range I may have gotten one, but the guitar that stole my heart a Taylor. My only real criteria was a solid top and solid sides and back, and make sure you don’t mind going over your initial price. I thought $600 to $1000, but I wasn’t impressed until I played a Taylor, more specifically that DN3e.

The guitar is a loud dreadnought and clear. It has all the highs I want but if you are looking for a warm low sounding guitar I would probably go for a Martin. What really sold me on the Taylor was the neck, its the part of the guitar Taylor has poured so much time and research into and its worth it.  It it fast and smooth and I love a maple fret board but this black ebony is beautiful. I know this is at the lower end of the Taylor series but I think it is a work of art. I think also for its price it is worth it. Street price is $1400 with electronic system.

I got the internal pickups/pre-amp system and its worth it too. I haven’t used it to play live but it makes life a little bit easier when you want to record.

Taylor against a blue Wall

Taylor DN3 against a blue Wall

Some more close up shots

DN3e Bridge

DN3e Bridge

Pick up system

Pick up system

Pick up system

Just three dials Volume,  Bass and Treble. No build in tuner but by now you’ve learned how to do it by ear, you musical bastard.

Headstock Shot

Taylor Headstock

Taylor Headstock

The tuners are amazing they will keep this guitar in tune for months and they have a nifty shine to them.


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