Tom Waits – Bad As Me

The Honourable Tom Waits

Tom Waits trying to find his sound from by Anton Corbijn

Tom Waits trying to find his sound from by Anton Corbijn

Tom Waits came out with a new album on Oct 28th called Bad As Me. I got to listen to it before the release and I have to say I really liked it. It has a distinctive Waits sound of cigarette smoke and hobo throat. He has all the elements, the slow drum cadence, the obscure string instruments accentuating horns and of course Monster Voice. This album has a lot more rock feel to it that older albums and one thing I really like about Tom Waits is that he really takes all the elements that lead up to rock and roll, like jazz, blues and folk, but combines them into something not rock. That’s not to say I don’t like this album but it is an interesting confluence. The title single it great it has Tom cry singing and the distorted guitar taking turns with the trombone to make a melody. It’s upbeat too which really does draw me in more than a slow song; all around a great album.

If you are interested in the instruments he uses, check out this site

It categorizes all the instruments he uses and the song and album on which they appear.  I think it’s amazing how many instruments he includes especially when most band max out at 3. A lot of them also look like World War I torture instruments, which is always a plus.

A few of my favourite Tome waits Songs

  1. Singapore – Sea adventure to a strange land with a group of sketchy sailors
  2. God’s Away on Business – Look at the youtube of cookie monster singing this
  3. Swordfishtrombone
  4. 16 shells from a Thirty-Ought-Six
  5. Ol’55 – I know this a slow one but I like it

This is all I’m going to post you have to discover the rest.

Any other favourites Waits songs? Mash ups?

One comment on “Tom Waits – Bad As Me

  1. Claire says:

    Martha and Grapefruit Moon are my faves for sure. They’re pre-Monster Voice.

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