CMA Awards 2011

Keith Urban 2011 CMA - Look at that fine Telecaster, just look at it.

Keith Urban 2011 CMA - Look at that fine Telecaster, just look at it.

So based on my recent counts, it looks like heavy metal music is not a good blog topic. That’s fine I got my metal out of the way. Now back to Country. Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood hosted for the 4th year in a row and it was great. Brad and Carrie started off by sing about how Hank Williams Jr. needs to tone down his criticisms of president Obama along with Hank. It started off a little uneasy but quickly turned into a performance based show. This is a much better format of award shows and I think the grammys should take a hint. I don’t know what the Oscars can do but they are also in need of a format change. I want to see who wins but I also don’t want to be bored for 3 hours. Maybe get Ricky Gervaise, who is apparently hosting the Golden Globes again. Also the Mark Twain award for Will Farrell was a well done award show.

I have to say in short, well done country music association.

There are a few things I will take away from the CMA awards.

  1. Reba is always a delight
  2. Taylor Swift from now until 2018 will always win something
  3. Brad Paisley should have won best album
  4. The Band Perry
  5. I don’t like Jason Aldean as much as I thought I did
  6. I like Keith Urban a lot more than I thought I did
  7. That show instrument wise is all teles and acoustics
  8. I like Eric Church

Here is a link to the videos from the show if you need to catch up on it



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