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Taylor against a blue Wall

Taylor DN3 against a blue Wall. My Beautiful Acoustic


I love to read blogs and sites and watch youtube videos on inlays and neck resets but there are a few guitar magazines I really like. Here are my reviews.

1. Fret Board Journal – I already had a blog post about this one and its really a great magazine. You can even talk to a human being about your magazine’s expected arrival

2. Guitar Aficionado – Rhymes with Cigar aficionado. Good overall guitar magazine but it is also a wine, cigars and car magazine. It has a lot of flash and glam and cool looking guitars. I also like their interviews with celebrities who play, like Hugh Laurie and Jeff Daniels. I personally don’t care much about wine and cars so I don’t have a subscription but I will still flip through it at the magazine stands. Okay Barnes & Noble.

3. Guitar Player – I like this as an alternative to guitar world. It has a similar set up. They go in depth on the riffs that made whichever guitarist they feature famous. They also showcase guitarists like Joe Pass and Al Di Meola who get passed over for metal and rock players in other magazines. I like their reviews of guitars. It leaves me with a good sense of what the guitar plays like. They do extensive reviews like when Fender did it’s 60th Tele celebration, they reviewed all of their guitars in the series.

4. Vintage Guitar – I hadn’t really looked at this one until recently and now I really like it. They have great segments on restoration and classic guitars. Recently they did an article on the Roy Smeck deluxe guitars. It shows that these people really love their guitars. I love reading about vintage guitars and hope one day to own a vintage. However, right now is not the best time to buy, and I think in a decade or so the prices will come down a lot for most vintage guitars. I may have a vintage one by the time i get around to buying one anyway. Great magazine and I do have a subscription.

5. Guitar World – Probably the most popular guitar magazine. It really is a great magazine, but only if you are into Metal or Jimmy Page. They often run similar articles on the same people and they concentrate on Metal most if not all the time. It’s something I read when I started playing at 12, but now I have change my interests and Guitar World has not changed theirs. Their reviews are good and concise and that is really why I still pick up an issue every now and again. Unlike Vingate Guitar or Fretboard Journal they wont run an article on PRS inlays.

6. Acoustic Guitar – Good magazine, but I haven’t really looked into it much. I would suggest it more for the acoustic and somewhat for the classical guitar enthusiast, but it is part of the same magazine family as Strings magazine and I believe Guitar Player as well. I do get strings and that was not a useful choice. I like all chordophones, but this has more tips for getting along with a chamber orchestra than detailed articles on violin making.

I know this is not an exhaustive list by any means, but it has the magazines I am most familiar with. If you have any recommendations, they are very welcome.

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