Gibson Hummingbird

Gibson Hummingbird courtesy of

Gibson Hummingbird courtesy of

So far I have only really written about the guitars I own for obvious reasons. I own them, can photograph them and have had a lot of experience on them. There is a chance I will go back and revisit some of them. However, I do sometimes go out and play guitars in stores. One acoustic guitar I just love is the Gibson Hummingbird. I was playing it the other day at a guitar center and it was so lovely. One thing I always assume from the site is that these guitars are big, but that is never true. It is a really good sized instrument and it has a nice depth. It is loud too. Not like a Jumbo but it can project.

The neck is very fast and that is in part thanks to the nitrocellulose finish. It also plays very crisply and has a nice mid range, thanks to Sitka spruce. One thing I didn’t like as much was the low notes. They didn’t have the roundness of other dreadnoughts I have played, most notably my Taylor. This may have also had to do with the depth of the body. On the other hand, I love the clarity of the high notes especially up on the fret board. My song that I play on every guitar I try out is “This Charming Man” by The Smiths. It allows me to see the speed of the neck, the upper register where notes usually get lost. All in all if I had $5000 that this model cost, I would consider buying it, but there are certainly less expensive versions. One thing I would like to have is an Adirondack top, especially for that price, but it is a Gibson so I wouldn’t complain.

Last, but not least is the design. It is a beautiful guitar. The pick guard has an ornate hummingbird display which I really like. It has a simple rosette, and split parallelogram fingerboard inlays. The sunburst finish really makes the guitar glow. I love the red yellow transition and the bright finish mimics the bright tone that this guitar produces. I think the aesthetics are part of what makes this guitar a hummingbird.

Here are some of the features

Solid Sitka Spruce top
Solid Mahogany sides and back (Koa if it’s the Hawaiian version)

14 playable frets
Rosewood fingerboard
Mahogany Neck

Gold hardware
bone nut
24 and ¾’’ Scale

I know online you can choose your serial number and weight. I’m not really sure what I would accomplish know those facts, but it’s cool to do.

Also I want to thank Rosie of Rosierushtonstone for giving me the Versatile Blogger Award and for giving me props on her site. I have only been doing this for two months but it is always nice to be recognized. She has a very interesting blog and from what I know you might want to strike up a banjo or banjozouki conversation with her.

One comment on “Gibson Hummingbird

  1. bagheadkelly says:

    The reputation and the history still make this an investment guitar.

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