I have a love for world music and especially this band. Sazarino is fronted and I assume created by Lamine Fellah. He is an Algerian who currently lives in Ecuador. He is also very political which I love. He sings in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dioula and a bunch of others I can’t distinguish. It is infectious world music. I first found out about him from a Putumayo record. The song “Cochabamba” was on it. I couldn’t find any lyrics or anything about it really. However, I easily found and bought the Album “Ya Foy”. It is a grooving album. I love the world/reggae feel and I would probably put it at the top of my favorite albums list. The album is also full of Babylon imagery which is very important in reggae music and Rastafarianism.  So far it looks like only one album (Ya Foy, 2009). But hopefully, there will be something else coming out.

If you like reggae or world music and you are looking of something else, I highly recommend Sarazino.

2 comments on “Sarazino

  1. Jacob Edgar says:

    Glad yo know you are a Sarazino fan. You should know that Sarazino has a new album coming out in May and it is amazing! We actually have a preview of the full album here:

    Also, if you are interested in Cochabamba’s lyrics and want to have a digital booklet for the Sarazino album Ya Fay! just send me your email and I’ll send you a pdf

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