Steinberger Spirit to Gibson Les Paul Or Trading Down to guitar picks?

I recently tried to challenge myself to trade up from my Steinberger Spirit to a GIbson Les Paul. I was inspired by that guy who traded up a paper clip to a house. I have for now given up on it. Maybe it’s the area I live in or my timing but had a hard time getting trades or re selling. I look at it more of a learning experience now but the idea of trading up seems so alluring.

This was the original post I had written

So this week/weekend I decided to start a new adventure, to trade up to a Les Paul. I have heard of the red paper clip to house story and that seems like a long way. I think I’ll be better off going gear to gear. 

So I have set down a few rules.

  •  I can only use gear that I have.
  • I can use cash
  • I can buy modify if I need and sell
  • This isn’t a rule but I will not part with my Tele, Taylor, Gold Tone or Bass
  • I can buy and sell non music gear items

I may add or remove later but these are my guide lines. My goal is to get to a Les Paul but what I will do is hopefully play a few guitars and have some more things to talk about on my blog.

Right now I have done these things.

1. Started off with a Steinberger I paid $280 for it

2. I sold it for $140 and a Gibson Baldwin Les Paul. It’s a Les Paul but it has some mods and it’s not what I want.

3. I am going to throw in my guitar link interface and probably my Zoom G2.1Nu Pedal. I got everything I needed out of the pedal. It’s got a lot of effects and I like that but I just don’t use it much.

This means I have $140, a guitar worth about $100, a $30 guitar link cable and a pedal worth about $150. So $270 or $420, depending on how much I am putting into it.

My first exchange I went backwards which I didn’t really want to do. So I am about $40 down. Hopefully, I’ll be able to recover, otherwise I’m going to end up with a bunch of shit. 


I actually ended up down $80. I finally sold that Gibson Baldwin for $60. If I do decide to start up this challenge again I will start at $200 and I am going to have to get lucky. From what I can see on craigslist there are a lot of people who want 1 or 2 types of guitar. So I have realized if I decide to reboot this I need Fenders, Squires, Epiphones and Gibsons, maybe a Yamaha or a Martin. Also I have limited mobility basically the DC metro area. If I were more mobile I could cast a larger net. Also don’t buy mods if you want to trade and unless it’s a Fender avoid bolt on necks.

So did I give up too easily? I only went through 2 guitars and should I maybe try this again?

I also tried to a Rocky and Bullwinkle style title.


Gibson Baldwin Or you are better off with an Epiphone

So as I will soon post, I had been experimenting with trading up and the world of Craigslist.

I ended up for a short period of time with a Gibson Baldwin. Unfortunately, with a lot of modifications it was hard to sell. It had a new neck, and an after-market humbucker in the neck position.

Gibson has a line called Gibson Maestro, this used to be called Gibson Baldwin. In case you are wondering Baldwin is also a brand of piano that is owned by Gibson. They are very nice pianos and actually the one I learned on was a Baldwin. Gibson on its own is the iconic brand and a dead giveaway is that a Gibson Baldwin Les Paul costs about $80 while a real Gibson Les Paul costs closer to $2000. I actually liked the guitar with all its modifications as a beginner guitar. It was nicer that the Squier Strat I learned on. The only thing was that I wanted to upgrade and maybe a little too hastily. It had 2 humbuckers, and a black body, the Tune-o-matic bridge and treble/rhythm switch. The neck was a stratocaster style, but not a Fender brand. I want to say it looks more like a Yamaha Pacifica neck with the emblem scratched off. There was hardly any fret buzz and I think increasing the action would have stopped that. I am almost certain the guy who owned it before was a shredder because the Neck humbucker was replaced and I don’t know the brand but I have seen those pickups on guitars owned by Cannibal Corpse fans.

Here are a few photos

Body Shot of the Gibson Baldwin   

Body Shot of the Gibson Baldwin


Head Stock Shot - at the bottom you can see my kitten Ben. He is a fan of Judas Priest.

Head Stock Shot - at the bottom you can see my kitten Ben. He is a fan of Judas Priest.


From Myspace to Sound Cloud

So I have been writing a lot of my own music that I then record on a Zoom H1 recorder. Its fun and I like doing it, and as I do more I like to post it up. I have a Soundcloud account and the link is in the My Music page up on the top part of this blog page. So if you are interested go over and listen. they are some rough cuts now and I am working on some multi-track recording, but I have not mastered that yet.


Music Concert Series

Since I hadn’t written anything in a while I decided two posts today. Enjoy the second one below.

I have recently been watching a lot of Austin City Limits. It’s been the longest running concert series on TV since 1976 and it is great. A few recent concerts I really liked were Raphael Saadiq and the Jeff Bridges/ Miranda Lambert concerts, also Randy Newman was great. I watch it through PBS like I assume more of America because I happen to live in DC. It is a great music series, and commercial free. It plays a lot of Americana music, so if you are looking to get into Americana just DVR ACL. I find myself looking a lot at the guitars (Jeff Bridges has a great gretsch).

The Website is below

And Photos! All photos come from

Hayes Carll

Hayes Carll

Jeff Bridges

Another music concert series I recommend is the A/V club Undercover series. It has new artists come in and cover older songs. One of my favorites was Wye Oak covering Mother originally by Danzig. I think its really cool to see different takes on well known songs and it also lets me see how different artists interpret songs. There are also bands I haven’t heard of and it helps me decide if I want to listen to them more.  The premise is that the people at the A/V Club have a list of famous songs to cover and then they ask a bunch of bands to come and do a cover. However, once a band covers that song no other band can cover the same song. So as time goes on the list dwindles.

Here is the 2011 site. They are starting the 2012 series now.,61735/

and Wye Oak,53066/

I don’t have any photos for this, but it’s also not as big as ACL