Diary of a Player by Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley Book cover from thelocalq.com

Brad Paisley Book cover from thelocalq.com

I recently finished this auto biography by Brad Paisley with David Wild. It is an interesting book that recounts how Paisley got to where is it today. It is a lot of memories from his youth in West Virginia, and a lot of praise for his country idols. It was a little bit of guitar talk but no where near the scale I like, which to be fair is not the reason he wrote the book. However, he did include a great story about a guitar he got from Gruhn’s Guitars, but I won’t give it away. A lot of the memories are reminiscing about his grandfather who introduced him to the guitar and his band in wheeling comprised mainly of senior citizens who knew how to play. I didn’t know much about his back story so it was cool to see how he got started, but the biography took a while to get going. He fills the ends of chapters out with quotes from other musicians who are talking about him.

The parts I really enjoyed where the ones about him in Nashville. He started out as a songwriter and eventually ended up as a performer. Also how he met his wife. Probably one of the funniest love stories I have heard.
Brad Paisley tells a lot of heartfelt stories, but it can’t help but seem like the beginning to another volume. He takes a long time detailing his early life, but then speeds through the end. Now, I can only hope that he will write a sequel or maybe something more in depth about his Nashville years and current career.  It was nice to get an insight into how Brad thinks and sees himself.
I recommend this book if you a) like Brad b) want to hear stories about awkward youth or c) like stories about young country singers.
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Obeche Wood Revisited

So it looks like my posting on obeche wood has been getting a lot of attention so I decided to look into it a little further. Most notably, Gibson, has started to use obeche more. The gothic morte guitars lines, SG and Les Paul both, use it for their fretboards. The most common fretboard materials are ebony, rosewood and maple.

However, there is something very interesting when you look on wood provider sites, not musical instrument sites. The wood is described as light and cream coloured, which does not match its ebony appearance on the fretboards of the pictures from Gibson. Also on http://www.connectedlines.com/wood/wood46.htm they say that the wood is not good for use in musical instruments. This probably means as a resonating tone wood it is poor.

One thing guitar maker could be doing is staining the wood to make it look more like the traditional rosewood finger board. Guitar fretboards are also known for using hard and dense woods but this one seems to be light, easy to carve and bendable. I have yet to try one of the guitars but it seems like a weird change to go from these hard woods to a softer one.

It also is listed here as plentiful, but on the Wikipedia page it is classified as a least concern endangered tree. What I am getting from this is that there are some wild inaccuracies, or there are 2 different types of wood colloquially called Obeche, but both sources site Triplochiton scleroxylon  as the genus and species name. Curious.

ed 11/18/2011 – Now I know that least concern means not endangered at all, my bad.

Les Paul Junior with Obeche Fretboard from Gibson.com

Les Paul Junior with Obeche Fretboard from Gibson.com

Here are some links to things I referred to earlier


http://www.shergold.co.uk/faq.html  – This is the FAQs from Shergold guitars who used to make Obeche guitars. In the section on the wood he talks about qualities that to me seem inadequate for a guitar body and much less a fretboard. However the wood grain does look nice.

If anyone has any more information, leave a comment or email me at Verdi429@gmail.com . This has opened up a lot more questions than answers for me.

On an unrelated note Country Music Awards are on ABC tonight at 8 pm.

Brad Paisley

Right now, I know it seems like this blog is all over the place, guitars, rock music and now I’m throwing in some country music?!?!?! Well it’s about to get a whole lot crazier once I throw in Latin, Bluegrass, Classical, maybe a little hip hop and metal.

I wanted to talk about Brad Paisley here, he is one of my favourite current country stars. I like his songs from the cheesy, funny Cigar Song to the heartbreaking Whiskey Lullaby with Alison Krauss to the real reason I think he is great Nervous Breakdown. He can write a song and he can solo like no one else. I know a lot of shredders turn to metal and play as fast as possible but Brad can craft a solo and play just as fast.

Paisley with his Paisley Guitar

Paisley with his Paisley Guitar

Hey! Look! It’s a telecaster!!

I know I’m a bit late on this but I really like his latest album This is Country Music. It really takes a lot from 70s country music, and even features Alabama and a song called Eastwood. Great album and probably one of my favourite overall albums in country music. I love Westerns and western music and someday soon I going to throw down some Marty Robbins, but until then I put down my top 5 Brad Paisley songs.

I am putting some videos in so you can see the awe.

1. Nervous Breakdown – This is all instrumental but it shows how well Paisley can pick


2. Whiskey Lullaby – Very sad and a great song


3. Old Alabama – Featuring Alabama enough said


4. Online – Pretty accurate reflection of who you are probably talking to in a chat room


5.Throttleneck – another instrumental picking song, it reminds me of ghost riders in the sky. If you don’t

know that song go ahead and look up the Johnny Cash version.


On good Morning America; all pictures from Bradpaisley.com

good_morning_america-paisley and alabama

Good Morning America Brad Paisley and Alabama from Brad Paisley.com

Here is a great video of him playing in the White House for Barack Obama on the American Music series they had at the White House.