HR-57 Jazz Bar


If anyone lives in DC, like I do, you may have heard of HR 57. HR is a jazz and blues club that I have been going to lately. I have been listening in on the jams sessions and they are really great. I have to admit when it comes to Jazz hard bop and cool jazz are not my favorites but I can sit and listen for hours. So if you go with me be prepared for listening and little talking. I usually prefer New Orleans style like some Louie Armstrong or Cab Calloway but this is a lot closer.

There are a few key things about HR that I really like

1. You can bring your own wine or beer or liquor. They have a little charge at the door but it is well worth it, because their drinks are more expensive.

2. You can bring an instrument and jam with them onstage. I have brought my guitar but I have yet to go up on stage. Unfortunately, I know shit about jazz guitar and I don’t want to look a fool. I could play some blues but I feel like people are there more for the Jazz. The last time I went with my guitar is was kind of this calling people up in sequence and I got scared. There is an open mic night at the big board across the street that I will one day go to, I think I can play some old time or Americana and it will fit in a little better.

3. Always a great horn player. I love trumpets, saxophones, trombones, any brass at all.

4. Posters of Robert Johnson and Charlie Parker on the wall

If you live in DC or are on a trip and want to see some great Jazz. Go to HR-57. I love the Jam nights, and I the regular nights are fun.

Meanwhile, I’ll be learning some jazz chords.