Songs of Adventure

If anyone has looked at my page on Sound Cloud lately they will see that I have removed all of my songs.

I am trying to actually make some legit recordings this year so you won’t hear me wailing into my Zoom recorder.

I am hoping this wont take all year to do.

Updates will come soon.

As of now I have about 13 songs planned out for my album, I have 11 originals and 2 covers. I have a lot of originals and I could make an entirely original album but I think this collection of songs works together better. I am trying to do a songs of adventure theme album, go figure.

Sound Cloud

I realized that a few track on sound cloud are completely wrong. It certainly took me a while to realized, but I am going to upload the correct files later today.

I am uploading the correct A boy Named Fire and a few others I have recorded.


I know a lot of this blog concerns the guitar and not the amplifier but I am starting to get more interested in amps. As someone who has been playing for a long time I know a lot less about amplifiers than I should. This also means I have been depriving myself of tone. Oh No! So I have been looking through the wide world of amps to try to figure out what I want. I should also mention that in almost every band I have played in I take the bass. I actually prefer it to guitar because you have a lot of freedom as long as you are on time. Not coincidentally I also like R and B, reggae and world music more.

With the bass I didn’t really care about tube amplifiers because I didn’t have the money and I wasn’t looking for tube driven distortion with a bass. However, the guitar amp is another story. I have always had solid state amps and now I think it is time for me to finally buy one.

Reasons to buy a tube amp

-The tone, this seems like such a vague descriptor but if mean that you want the distortion created by overdriving the vacuum tubes in the amplifier.

-The amp is ½ of the electric guitar. As an instrument an electric guitar on its own is quieter than a speaking voice, but when you plug it in then you get an instrument.

-Louder at less wattage

So I have been familiarizing myself with tube amps. They all have two different areas where the tubes are used preamp and power. Preamp prepares the electrical signal and power boosts the volume. I am also not taking this decision lightly because Tube amps are more expensive and delicate than their solid state counterparts.

One more thing about amp is that they come in a few different step ups either head and speaker cabinet or combo. The head and cabinet are nice because they get loud, you can switch up different heads and cabinets, but they are more expensive and bigger set ups. A combo is both head and speaker in one unit. It makes it more portable, usually cuts some cost, but they have to be miked if you need to play live.

I have been looking at Egnater, Marshall, Vox, Blackstar and Fender. So if anyone has any comments or suggestions let me know.


From Myspace to Sound Cloud

So I have been writing a lot of my own music that I then record on a Zoom H1 recorder. Its fun and I like doing it, and as I do more I like to post it up. I have a Soundcloud account and the link is in the My Music page up on the top part of this blog page. So if you are interested go over and listen. they are some rough cuts now and I am working on some multi-track recording, but I have not mastered that yet.


Against the blue wall – Schecter Bass

So in this post I will be reviewing my Schecter DV-4 Devil limited bass, as I have been doing with all of my equipment. I got this bass in early 2010 when it had come out online. I got it for $350 which was a steal. I had been looking for a new bass for quite some time because I had spent the last 8 or so years playing a blue Ibanez gsx. The Ibanez was a great bass but I wanted a step up. At the time I was still living at home so I didn’t have much money to spend but I wanted to play something with a bit more.

I went around a few guitar stores and tried out a few low range bases. I liked the Epiphone thunderbird but as I looked around more and more the active pick-ups stood out to me more. I player a few Schecter, esp and fenders but the Schecter was my favourite. I did something that I rarely do. I tested a few models but bought a different on online. It turned out that the bass I bought was great but it could have been  a disaster. The other thing was that this bass says it’s a limited edition and now it’s sold out everywhere.  One thing you can probably notice right away is that this is a metal bass. I like it even though I don’t play metal. The active pick-ups make it a pretty versatile bass.

I’ll give you a tour through the bass. One reason I am doing this in depth is because there isn’t shit on this bass. I even contacted Schecter to find out more but the info they gave me was wrong. The tuners are Schecter in house brand and the headstock says it’s a part of the diamond series. This bass is made in South Korea like all non custom Schecter instruments, and probably made by Cort ( they made instruments for many other companies). The tuners work very well and they stay in tune. Tight. The nut is a black tusq nut, which is a nice little upgrade. Also one thing realized is this bass is long and takes the extra long strings. Make sure you know your scale length and compensate for through body construction. Right now my strings are a little too short so I slipped a shim into the nut cavity. The neck is three piece mahogany and it’s a glued in neck. The whole bass is actually mahogany which is helps with those perilous lows it advertises. The knobs are knurled chrome, no slipping. Then there are two EMG-HZ pick-ups. One thing I had to get used to is the pick-up placement. If you are used to Jazz and precision bass positions this one is just a little bit different. The neck pick-up is a lot closer to the fret board. I usually rest my thumb on the neck pick-up so it felt a little bit foreign to me. The bridge has individual saddles and does get dirty easily. The other nifty feature is the tribal design up and down the fret board. It is just interesting aesthetic. The cut away is good and allows access to the 24 frets. There you go 2 octave lovers.

So far it’s been great to me. I used to use bass as a way to get into bands but lately I’ve just been playing on my own. It has also opened me up to Schecter guitars which make great instruments. Whether or not you are metal. If I had the money I’d go in and get a custom made guitar from them.

I have attached a few picture of the bass and I am working on a version of my song Heist! with bass and guitars and properly mixed. Then you can hear an audio clip of how it sounds.

If you are in the market happy bass hunting and maybe they’ll turn this bass into its own regular line. Also, a side note, I recently tried out a hollow body Gretsch bass, amazing.

I’m putting down the Schecter website link and then a link for my music, just to promote a little bit more. I’ll be putting bass samples on here.

nut and truss plate

Headstock Shot

Body Shot- The stain is very noticeable, it looks beautiful.

Full Bass- Pic is a little bit dark

Sideways shot - This is what it looks like when I am playing it. but there would be hands in the photo.

My Music Update on MySpace


Today I posted another 4 songs on Myspace. They are Stranded, The Wandering Biker, General Store and Illusions. These are all done by just me on a Zoom h1 recorder so the mixing is as I sing and play  it. I tried to work on doing a multi-track version of Heist! but I am having some sound issues. Hopefully, I can fix it and put some more instruments down and maybe have a lead guitar in there too. I’ll keep you posted.

My Page is . I put my name as the rockridge railroad rider, because I like alliteration and I’m not sure if I want my name all over the internet, yet. All of the songs there I wrote except for one. Desolation Row, where they sell post cards of the hanging.

Anyway I hope you enjoy them and I probably have another 15 songs in the process. MySpace has a data max so I can only put down 9 songs at a time because it adds up to 50 MB. One day I’ll get my music out there.

Adventure Songs

So I have mentioned that I have written a few songs, and I have them up on MySpace. My name there is the Rockridge Railroad Rider. I like the Old Time Sound to it and dig the alliteration. I wrote and recorded Afterlife, Emergency, Heist! and Thieves. I will be recording some other versions of them too, with more instruments and processing. Right now I’ve just been using a little Zoom H1 which is great for music recordings and recording your boss to make sure he sticks to his word.

I used a Talyor DN3e in case anyone is wonder the guitar I used. It’s a lot better than my beat up Kay, with a floating neck, but that is another post.

Here is the link

I also have the same things up on Sound Cloud but that is for the birds. I ain’t dealing with that site no more.