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I saw They Might Be Giants last night at the 930 and it was quite an interesting show. They played the album Lincoln almost in its entirety (the show was billed as a special Lincoln show, at first I thought they would all dress up as Abraham Lincoln but that was not the case). A bold move if you ask me. I know when I saw Social Distortion they didn’t play any of their hits, so maybe more of a punk rock move. Lincoln has some good songs like ‘Anna  Ng’, ‘Purple Toupee’ and ‘They’ll Need a Crane’ and a bunch of other weird ones. That totally seems like TMBG, but I guess they are not catering to a mainstream audience. However they still played, ‘Bird house in your Soul’, ‘Can’t Keep Johnny Down’, ‘Cloisonné’,  and ‘Why Does the Sun Really Shine?’. There was a lot of funny banter between the Johns and the Avatars of They. I like audience interaction and maybe that’s why I also love the 930 club so much and jiffy lube live not so much. They set up a camera so they could do the avatar show on stage.

This was my first TMBG show and I enjoyed it. It was just as strange as I expected and Danny Miller was playing some awesome guitars. I especially liked the zoot suit SG that he was playing at various points. Flansburgh was rocking a nice Fender Jaguar and during ‘Why Does the Sun Really Shine?’ he had swagger and croon. Linnell was playing on bass clarinet,  keyboards and accordion, pretty much essential for any modern recording band.

Great Show, also James K. Polk may be one of the best history songs ever written.

They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants, Are they really giants? No they aren't

They Might Be Giants. Nov 26th, 2011 930 Club

If you are in the DC area on Nov. 26th and have a thing for band who have released 10 or more albums and goofy, intelligent lyrics, may I recommend They Might Be Giants. I have been a fan of theirs for a long time and one of biggest regrets was not seeing them when they played a free concert on the steps of the then under construction Portrait Gallery. Now I have a change to pay them and see them in concert.

I recommend their new album Join Us, it has the sound we all have come to know and love. I also hope they play new album and older stuff because I don’t really want to go to a kids concert, but I think they will know their crowd. I know this concert will be a lot better than the most recent concert I went to at the 930 club, Robert Randolph. He is a great performer, I just had no idea it was a jam band. I was expecting this awesome soul and r and b, but it was jamming for 15-20 minutes at a time. Groovy.

They Might Be Giants are much more my speed, in Fact, I would say they are one of the most influential bands for me in my writing. Which if you would like to check out is in an earlier post under the category My Music.

Here is a pic of a younger TMBG

They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants, Are they really giants? Image from omahype.com

Put a little Birdhouse in your Soul – John Linnell and John Flansburgh