Behringer 8 Watt Thunderbird

I have been looking to amps a lot more than I used to and I know I said a while ago that I’d be writing about my egnater, and I will. However, first ill write about my thunderbird bass amp. I’ve had this little thing for a while and I like it a lot. It’s small, portable and for jams it good but throw a pedal in and it’s good. I have bought a few Behringer products but I am happiest with this one. The other think I bought was the guitar link USB interface and eventually I just got an M audio mobile pre. However, I record using Cubase that I got from my zoom pedal, but I digress. This is a good little amp and for a while it was the only amp I had. I have walked with it 10 block to go jam and it doesn’t weight me down.

Here are the specs

-8″ speaker

-solid state

-4 knobs gain, bass, mid and treble

The amp has the ability to play mp3s through the back and I tired using a 1/4″ to stereo cable from my iPod and it didn’t work that well. I suggest you just play. The other reason I got it was because it is inexpensive. I don’t remember exactly what I paid but it looks like its around $100 new. 

In the photos below you will see that it has a really cool vintage look to it. That is definitely what sold me on it. The bass amp I had before this one was a crate. I ended up breaking it but up until that point it was a pretty good amp, and since I don’t play shows I haven’t had the need to buy a big amp. 


Knob ViewImage

 Just look at that grill


Backside of the amp, you can really see the dust on it.