Gibson Moderne

3 versions of the Moderne from

3 versions of the Moderne from

So if you have been following the Gibson website, or any website where Gibson guitars come up. You have noticed the Moderne. It is a very interesting guitar with an interesting history.

The moderne was developed in the 50’s when the flying V and Explorer came out but it is now released again ( it was actually released in the 1980s for a brief time).  Here is a little bit of background to the ‘new’ designs that Gibson released. Gibson guitars were being overtaken by Fender in the late 50’s and Gibsons were seen as old and dated. Fender had these great surf rock style guitars that were taking over. Also Gibsons were built to be solid well made guitars, Fenders were built with interchangeable parts and mass produced. So to compete Gibson put out the explorer and the flying v. These guitars were truly revolutionary designs. Although they never made the impact that the Les Paul and SG did they are still crucial to the arsenal of Gibson. However, there was a third design the Moderne that was not produced in the late 50’s.

I personally love these guitars. I love fender and their innovation but what gibson has done with body design is simply ground breaking. The more I read about them the more excited I get about buying that Les Paul. I also love the space age look of these guitars, and I can’t imagine how futuristic they must have looked in 1957, when they still inspire today. I will probably never buy another  flying v or a moderne but I will always appreciate them.


What I have Learned about buying guitars

Why to buy a good instrument?

I have been playing music of some sort for 15 years, from when I first started playing violin in 4th grade to my latest instrument, the banjo. It took me a lot longer than it probably should have but it is worth it to buy good instruments. There is a saying buy the best that you can afford and I can certainly say I agree. I own three instruments that I am absolutely in love with. I don’t think I would ever sell them; these are the Telecaster, the Taylor and my new banjo for those who are new to the blog.

One of the reasons I bring this up is because I have been down the cheap guitar road too many times. The most recent time was last year when I bought a Steinberger Spirit. This is the entry level model for Steinberger. This company is very innovative and interesting. However, their guitars are a sort of acquired taste type. I would not recommend them to everyone. I bought it because I thought I would want to play guitar on the road and when I travel. This was true to some extent but I don’t think I played it enough to really make it worth it. The other reason was that I wanted to have some humbucker pickups. So I thought I’ll kill two birds with one stone (for those who don’t know this is another saying). So I got it and thankfully I didn’t pay too much for it but it was not the guitar I really wanted. The frets needed work, the fingerboard had some glue on it and you could see the top plywood veneer through the switch hole. I knew to myself, this is not the guitar I really wanted or really enjoyed playing. Personally the nut width was too wide so when I played or soloed I felt like everything was too far apart. It was frustrating. Also it’s a light guitar. My girlfriend said it looked like I was playing a video game. I know now that I should be putting as much into the guitar as I expect to get out of it. Since, I play every day. That is a lot. If I were playing live at all it would be essential to have good gear. With this post I am not trying to push expensive gear on anyone and there are definitely good deals out there. This has just been my experience. One more thing, don’t buy a guitar that doesn’t feel comfortable in your lap. The Steinberger was weird feeling and I once had a Jackson flying V that was awful. I don’t recommend anyone do this, but if you really like Alexi Laiho or Megadeth you will probably be playing a flying V at some point.

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