Mind Bender Chorus

I recently got the BBE mindbender chorus vibrato pedal. It is a really cool effect pedal it combines the boss vibrato and way huge blue hippo chorus both of which I believe no longer exist. It is a very intense pedal. Based on my last post you can see I like pedal that have setting where they go bonkers. The crazy part about this one is again if you set the depth and the rate all the way up it sounds completely unrecognizable in chorus mode. The pitch varies so much you can’t really tell what you are playing.  It also have usable and practical settings. If you keep the depth and rate lower you can get a good Pretenders chorus. My favorite part is the shimmery sound that you get with the delay pedal you get a nice multiplicative sound. After playing through just an amp for so long i am really starting to appreciate effects.

As of now, my pedal count is 5. I have an MXR dyna comp compressor, Way Huge Aqua Puss, BBE Mind Bender, Boss Blues Driver and Danelectro FAB Distortion. Most of them are colored blue. I would rather it be more multicolored but I can always paint them. One thing I noticed it that my overdrive has to go after the compressor if i use it. I think that is pretty standard, but I just wanted to put out there. Also I usually don’t use them together.

Anyways, that is where I am pedal wise.