Reverend Guitars and Herb David Guitar Studio in Ann Arbor Michigan

Reverend Flatroc from

Reverend Flatroc from

I was recently in Ann Arbor for a graduation and I found Herb David Guitar Studio. As far as guitar stores I’ve been to it is one of the best. I only ended up buying a banjo strap but I tried out a few Reverend guitars. If you are ever in Ann Arbor is highly recommend stopping in. They have jams on Sundays and the staff is very friendly and helpful. They carry a lot of Seagull acoustics and Fender electrics. I only ended up buying a banjo strap there, but I did try out a few of the Reverend guitars they had in stock.  If I ever decide on a Reverend I’m going to get it there.

So I tried out the Reverend Flatroc and it is a damn nice guitar. The one I played had contoured korina body, mini humbucker pick-ups and a rosewood fret board. I was playing it through an orange tiny terror head which sounded great. It doesn’t have a lot, I think just 4 dials but dialing down the wattage gave the Reverend a nice gritty sound. Playing the Flatroc really gave me an appreciation for mini humbuckers. They are really a different sound and I have been looking for minis. The puck ups look a lot like the filtertron humbuckers that Gretch uses. I think that was a smart move because it’s really has that warm country sound I was looking for. I loved the contour of the body it was like a modified Strat contour but the guitar felt very substantial. I think I loved everything about the body from the feel to the retro style.

The only thing I didn’t like was the bound fret board and the frets were too large for me. That is totally a personal preference and its one of the same reasons that Les Pauls and SGs feel weird to me. However, I would chose the Reverend neck over an SG neck any day. I also picked up a reverend six gun and it sounded very close to my telecaster.  Which was great but I would probably stick with my tele. Ultimately, if I hadn’t been traveling by air I probably would have bought the Flatroc.

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