Egnater 20 Rebel Half Stack

I have had quite a bit of time to crank up this amp and see what it can do, and I am very pleased with it so far. When I first started looking at amps I was of course deciding between stacks and amps. Now I have had big combo amps before, I owned a peavey bandit for a while and one problem I had was that it was just so heavy. Now I know not all combo amps are heavy but it was something that stood out to me. Another thing I liked about having an amp and a cabinet is that I can buy a different head and use it with the cabinet or buy another cabinet, but since this cabinet has a celestion speaker, I’m not really temped to get another one.  I also decided no on a solid state amp because I wanted that tube warmth and all those wonderful qualities that come with tubes.


So one thing that is probably a big turn off for many people is that there is only one channel, and there aren’t any effects in the amp. It was described to me as somewhat of a one trick pony, but ignored that and still bought it.

However, there are a few really cool things about this Egnater amp.

20-Watts (there is a Rebel 30 which is a 30-Watt, but in my apartment 20 watts was plenty of power)

Power Tubes

2 x 6V6 tubes – These are for the American tones, because these tubes were popular in fender amps

2 x EL84 tubes- British tubes found in Marshalls

So if you notice on the front plate there is a dial that goes in between the two sets of tubes. If you want you can have all British or all American or a blend of both “Canadian”

Preamp Tubes

3 x 12AX7 tube

Seven tubes in all

Variable Wattage Control from 1W to 20W – This is another cool dial, it cuts down the power so you can overdrive the tubes. I usually hook up a Danelectro Fab distortion because I can get more distortion at lower sounds, but if you turn it up this amp has a lot of good gain.

Tight and Bright Voicing Switches – These switches are nice, I usually use the bright to get a little more jangle and the tight for a little compression


Rebel 112x – It was sold together with the head as a half stack, and I am happy with it

1 x 12 Celestion elite 80 speaker – like I said before it’s great and I’m less likely to buy another cabinet

Closed back and birch ply construction – I have seen some reviews online and the little metal caps on top were shaking so the guy took them off, they look solid to me and no rattling.

Generally, I play Rock, Blues, Country, Folk, and a little bit of R and B, and this amp works for me. This is the best amp I have ever bought and so far it’s served me well. I hope to have it for decades. I know the tiny terror by Orange and a popular comparison and I really like both. I tested one out with the reverend guitar and I’d say it would be one of the next heads I get. There are also some great new 5 watt heads that have come out from Hughes and Kettner and VOX. Also fender has come out with some Pawn shop series amps called the Greta and the excelsior. Esquire reviewed the Greta as a good father’s day present, but it seemed like they recommended it more as a book stop than for amp use.

Here is a link to the Egnater page


Front of the the Amp head

Front of the the Amp head

Half Stack

Half Stack

Egnater Grill

Egnater Grill

Back side of the Amp Head

Back side of the Amp Head

Just look at all of those tubes

Just look at all of those tubes


I know a lot of this blog concerns the guitar and not the amplifier but I am starting to get more interested in amps. As someone who has been playing for a long time I know a lot less about amplifiers than I should. This also means I have been depriving myself of tone. Oh No! So I have been looking through the wide world of amps to try to figure out what I want. I should also mention that in almost every band I have played in I take the bass. I actually prefer it to guitar because you have a lot of freedom as long as you are on time. Not coincidentally I also like R and B, reggae and world music more.

With the bass I didn’t really care about tube amplifiers because I didn’t have the money and I wasn’t looking for tube driven distortion with a bass. However, the guitar amp is another story. I have always had solid state amps and now I think it is time for me to finally buy one.

Reasons to buy a tube amp

-The tone, this seems like such a vague descriptor but if mean that you want the distortion created by overdriving the vacuum tubes in the amplifier.

-The amp is ½ of the electric guitar. As an instrument an electric guitar on its own is quieter than a speaking voice, but when you plug it in then you get an instrument.

-Louder at less wattage

So I have been familiarizing myself with tube amps. They all have two different areas where the tubes are used preamp and power. Preamp prepares the electrical signal and power boosts the volume. I am also not taking this decision lightly because Tube amps are more expensive and delicate than their solid state counterparts.

One more thing about amp is that they come in a few different step ups either head and speaker cabinet or combo. The head and cabinet are nice because they get loud, you can switch up different heads and cabinets, but they are more expensive and bigger set ups. A combo is both head and speaker in one unit. It makes it more portable, usually cuts some cost, but they have to be miked if you need to play live.

I have been looking at Egnater, Marshall, Vox, Blackstar and Fender. So if anyone has any comments or suggestions let me know.