Change of Domain


I know I haven’t been updating this blog very often. It’s because I have been focusing more on my other blog between the commercials. I also haven’t been buying instruments like I used to. This blog is changing to on October 20th. I don’t really feel like paying for this domain name anymore.

Eventually I will start posting more frequently because every 7 months is pretty far between. You can still check out my sound cloud. Search for David Strahs. I have a new set of songs up there and I have been writing some more songs.

That’s all for now.

Songs of Adventure

If anyone has looked at my page on Sound Cloud lately they will see that I have removed all of my songs.

I am trying to actually make some legit recordings this year so you won’t hear me wailing into my Zoom recorder.

I am hoping this wont take all year to do.

Updates will come soon.

As of now I have about 13 songs planned out for my album, I have 11 originals and 2 covers. I have a lot of originals and I could make an entirely original album but I think this collection of songs works together better. I am trying to do a songs of adventure theme album, go figure.

Behringer 8 Watt Thunderbird

I have been looking to amps a lot more than I used to and I know I said a while ago that I’d be writing about my egnater, and I will. However, first ill write about my thunderbird bass amp. I’ve had this little thing for a while and I like it a lot. It’s small, portable and for jams it good but throw a pedal in and it’s good. I have bought a few Behringer products but I am happiest with this one. The other think I bought was the guitar link USB interface and eventually I just got an M audio mobile pre. However, I record using Cubase that I got from my zoom pedal, but I digress. This is a good little amp and for a while it was the only amp I had. I have walked with it 10 block to go jam and it doesn’t weight me down.

Here are the specs

-8″ speaker

-solid state

-4 knobs gain, bass, mid and treble

The amp has the ability to play mp3s through the back and I tired using a 1/4″ to stereo cable from my iPod and it didn’t work that well. I suggest you just play. The other reason I got it was because it is inexpensive. I don’t remember exactly what I paid but it looks like its around $100 new. 

In the photos below you will see that it has a really cool vintage look to it. That is definitely what sold me on it. The bass amp I had before this one was a crate. I ended up breaking it but up until that point it was a pretty good amp, and since I don’t play shows I haven’t had the need to buy a big amp. 


Knob ViewImage

 Just look at that grill


Backside of the amp, you can really see the dust on it.

From Myspace to Sound Cloud

So I have been writing a lot of my own music that I then record on a Zoom H1 recorder. Its fun and I like doing it, and as I do more I like to post it up. I have a Soundcloud account and the link is in the My Music page up on the top part of this blog page. So if you are interested go over and listen. they are some rough cuts now and I am working on some multi-track recording, but I have not mastered that yet.


My Music Update on MySpace


Today I posted another 4 songs on Myspace. They are Stranded, The Wandering Biker, General Store and Illusions. These are all done by just me on a Zoom h1 recorder so the mixing is as I sing and play  it. I tried to work on doing a multi-track version of Heist! but I am having some sound issues. Hopefully, I can fix it and put some more instruments down and maybe have a lead guitar in there too. I’ll keep you posted.

My Page is . I put my name as the rockridge railroad rider, because I like alliteration and I’m not sure if I want my name all over the internet, yet. All of the songs there I wrote except for one. Desolation Row, where they sell post cards of the hanging.

Anyway I hope you enjoy them and I probably have another 15 songs in the process. MySpace has a data max so I can only put down 9 songs at a time because it adds up to 50 MB. One day I’ll get my music out there.

Adventure Songs

So I have mentioned that I have written a few songs, and I have them up on MySpace. My name there is the Rockridge Railroad Rider. I like the Old Time Sound to it and dig the alliteration. I wrote and recorded Afterlife, Emergency, Heist! and Thieves. I will be recording some other versions of them too, with more instruments and processing. Right now I’ve just been using a little Zoom H1 which is great for music recordings and recording your boss to make sure he sticks to his word.

I used a Talyor DN3e in case anyone is wonder the guitar I used. It’s a lot better than my beat up Kay, with a floating neck, but that is another post.

Here is the link

I also have the same things up on Sound Cloud but that is for the birds. I ain’t dealing with that site no more.