Blues Driver BD-2

This pedal along with my aqua puss are the only two pedals I need to have. Buying the Aqua Puss over the other delay pedals I was looking at was one of the best pedal  decisions I have made. The other best decision was buying the Blues Driver pedal used at guitar center. I had been looking for an overdrive pedal for a while and I was thinking about this one, along with the Tube Screamer and the Way Huge ones. I liked the Way Huge ones and I would consider getting them in the future but it really came down to the Blues Driver and the Tube Screamer. After playing the Blues Driver I liked it more than the Tube Screamer. I had no idea at the time but it all ended up working out well for my bass.

One thing I love doing is using this pedal with my bass. It’s good for turning up the volume and getting a nice overdriven bass, but it doesn’t lose clarity. I think that is one thing about the Blues Driver I like most of all, the versatility.

When I tested this one out, I used a Gibson SG and it sounded great. That was part of what sold it to me. So make sure when you test out pedal you use something close to your own guitar.

This pedal has the same you find on a lot of overdrive pedals, tone, level and gain. These knobs kind of mimic a simple amp. The tone is for bass or treble boost, the level is the volume and the gain controls the amount of distortion. Actually GFS has a mimic of this pedal and instead of a tone knob there is a switch with three options Rotund, thin and fat. I listened to the audio clips and didn’t hear too much difference among them. You probably have to listen to it in person to get a real idea.

I got this pedal used. So I only paid $50 for it. So far it has been the best used piece of guitar equipment I ever bought.

I use this pedal for a clean boost more often than my DS-1. I think it’s funny that you can use a distortion pedal for a clean boost.

From what I have read the OD-1 is also a great overdrive pedal. The circuit on that one is more similar to the Tube Screamer and both have a strong mid boost.



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Analog Delay – AquaPuss

I have been looking a lot at delay, reverb and echo pedals, so I picked up this one recently. One reason I have been looking for delay/reverb pedals is because my amp has no reverb. There is an effects loop which is cool, and its cool to switch between putting the pedals in front and after the pre-amp. I got the aqua puss delay, it is a lot of fun. It only has 300 millisecond of delay, which is okay for me, I usually just want slap back or a little bit more echo in my delay so this wasn’t a problem. First thing I like about it, analog. I really like analog. I have been getting rid of all of my digital effects. Of course its the warmth that’s why everyone likes analog. Second, Self oscillating freak out mode and third the tone.  Freak out modes comes when you turn the feedback all the way up and the blend all the way up the you mess around with the delay. I am really happy with this pedal and I recommend it to anyone who wants an analog delay. I looked at the MXR carbon copy too its a good pedal. Also all of my pedals so far have come from Dunlop or danelectro (but I got that one for free). In the future I am planning on looking at Boss and Electro-Harmonix.

Here are some photos